Black History

Black History Month Introduction



So, it’s here. The month that is supposed to highlight the good, the bad and the ugly parts of black folks’ history regardless of where we’re from.

Growing up in school I NEVER learnt about black history at all. It makes me think now, how many other kids are there who don’t know anything about their ancestral past? I write this also thinking about mixed race children (those with at least one black parent). Like it or not, society sees you as a black person. So of course, you guys are included here in my posts at least.

My black history month posts will try to include as many events as possible. I focus on black people throughout the year in the  “In the Spotlight” posts and so I want to veer away from that this month.

I do hope you enjoy the posts to follow and please leave your comments, follow me on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest posts.

Happy black history month 🙂

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