#BusanDiaries EntryFIVE



The last couple of weeks have been a good time as I’ve been exploring a little more of Korea. Unfortunately for you guys, I was living in the moment and didn’t document everything – so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

I was in Seoul for the weekend at the end of October for New Philadelphia church’s leadership retreat. I don’t think the words, ‘amazing’ covers the experience but for want of a better word, I’ll stick with that one. From guest speakers, taking the Word and unravelling it from a perspective I’d never experienced before, to the attendees hunger for God, that retreat blew me way. That weekend still resonates in my mind as if it was yesterday!

The following weekend, the first Saturday of November, I joined a group of cool people on a day trip to a city called Gwangju(광주). We went to the Gwangju Biennale(광주 비엔날레) an art show – Asia’s first and most prestigious  (wiki) – which is held as the name says, is held every other year. I won’t post any of the art works but some were really good; the creativity was nice to see again. I was an art student way back in sixth form college (latter end of high school) so the art show was refreshing.

A long a way from the venue, there was a street food market. Fortunate for everyone else they were in their element since most things were pork, nuts (or tofu) in it. Yay. So for myself and a friend, we had Popeye’s which wasn’t the most enjoyable…sadly. But dinner was good so no skin off our nose.

Some of the restaurants looked pretty cool though!

Finally, we ended up in the Green Tea Fields (녹차밭) I didn’t get the exact name, but it was really pretty even though it was dusk. For months, I’d heard about the green tea fields and it is definitely as beautiful as it looks from the photos. Though I’m very sensitive to  caffeine it was still nice to see the fields.

The base of the fields. There were souvenir shops and green tea ice cream places from what I remember. Of course, I could eat none of it but from the responses of others, it tasted good.

From half way to the top.

I lied a little. While I was in Seoul, I said “I was caught in the moment.” Well that was the truth – regarding the venue I was there for. But outside of that venue, I had hunted down this Chinese spot called, Panada Express. It would be the only time to get “good food.” Nationwide, it’s known to have the best food.

So I satisfied my Chinese food cravings and had a real good meal. I’d recommend it if you miss Chinese food from back home. There isn’t one in Busan sadly – but it was worth the journey. I cannot remember the price exactly. I got two types of chicken and fried rice in the background. It was a little tricky in finding it since it’s in a shopping mall but once you get there it’ll be worth the searching!


Anyway, that’s it for now!

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