#BusanDiaries EntryFOUR


If I’m totally honest, I had hit another wall when it came to blogging. If you have been following my blog for a little while, you would know about this; I get a little overwhelmed and then not post for months. That had happened, unfortunately. Where does it come from? If you have read a post many moons ago called Dear Overthinker  you would know I procrastinate a lot. WordPress keeps a history list for every single post and this one has about 21 previous editions – You see the struggle. So today I’m still gonna upload this post and, though it’s different from previous entries, my plan is to catch you up.

So what’s made me want to write again? I turned twenty-five years old recently and I had a realisation: I need to break out of my little habits that have got me now where. Not to say that my standards are rested in what other bloggers do but, I do look at them and I’m admire their work. For me to reach there I have to do lots more work than I’m doing now. That is where I get overwhelmed.  I start off with have a plan and when it doesn’t go accordingly I think, “lemme just admire you guys.” Maybe along side turning twenty-five, I’ve realised that I have to be determined again to start achieving some personal goals. turns 4 years old on the 12th October 2016. So here’s to a successful new year of regular posts:)

So, since my last post what have I been up to?

On the monsoon day back in July, it’d came across four of us to visit Gamcheon Cultural Village. It was fun though, we got to see the brightly coloured houses as well as explore the area around. We got some video footage too so when that’s good to show then I’ll be sure to upload it. Adobe Premiere Pro is not for beginners like me – so bear with me.


My summer consisted of relaxing and getting to know people more. I didn’t go abroad but I had fun regardless. I did leave Busan for a night and went to an island called Geoje.


Cold noodles – I thought I’d never try them but they’re actually pretty nice. 

While I was chilling in Busan, I did study a lot of Korean in coffee shops. Though my Korean is not “there” yet… One thing I’ve noticed about living in Korea I speak English all the time. As weird as that sounds, it’s true. In China I spoke a fair amount of survival Chinese and was okay at it. I did speak English to other foreigners I worked with but not to this extent.

Here, I don’t know as much Korean as I do in Chinese. Albeit, I have not been here for nearly as long. More people do try and speak English to me when I’m ordering food for example. Most people here aren’t thrown off by foreigners and are used to English speakers around them. But that does not help me. I need for Koreans to stop speaking to me in English and let me make blunders in Korean and learn. Sigh. On the up note though I can read Korean…just without much comprehension yet. Baby steps aye?

I was introduced to a relatively new pizzeria called Slice of Life (SOL). The owners lived in New York City for a while maybe for university, I can’t remember. There pizza though, woow, is great! Korean pizza’s I don’t know what they do but they mess with it and make it look off putting (sorry guys). SOL keeps it close to the Italian New Yorkers as possible.


What else have I been up to? Writing. I went through some old literature and I’m currently in the process of editing them. So keep your eyes open for that.

I also went to my first baseball game. It was an experience I can tell you that. Like, most of the time I had no clue what was going on because there was so much activity everywhere. But I can say I say a weekday baseball event and may probably never go back….

Anyway, that I believe catches you up with all my trips around the city.

Stay posted for the new posts coming!

Thanks for reading!

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