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    Exploring China part 2

    This is part two of the exploring more of China: Exploring Sanya, Hainan.  We returned to Shanghai where my dad remained for another day before leaving China and I had to go to work…

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    Exploring China part 1

    Of recent, I’ve had a little time to explore some more of China. Now, I’ve been living in China for over a year and it was only last month in September that I was…

  • Culture Travel

    Stages leading up to China

    Graduating from university with an English Literature degree and not meeting the graduate programme requirements my job options dwindled: I could stay in London and hope that I’d get a job in teaching as…

  • Christian Culture

    I don’t think you’ll make it

    “If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.” – Michael Jordan   I was about 12 years old when I was told something that had…

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    Define: Being British

    This is a question that I thought there was an easy answer. I remember when I first started to explore identity back in Sixth Form College as part of my graphic design project; I…

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    Does my afro intrigue you?

    For so long I’ve straightened my hair, for so long – to the point that any curly strand of hair that came through, I’d cover it up. Now I wear my afro the way…

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    Post-Interview Feeling

    Post-Interview Feeling Now, this is a moment you’ve been waiting for and you’ve prepared (or not) and the interview has now finished. After salutations and handshakes, you leave and your mind repeats everything that…

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    I have you know, I like my ‘fro

    I saw this photo on twitter via @BlkHistStudies which reminded me of an image of my 10 year old self and the ideas I had. Growing up in a predominately white neighbourhood I had…

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    I’m a graduate, now what?

    I’m not sure about other unis, but my one didn’t really say much about life after third year, life after graduation… or maybe they did through the emails they sent but I was too…