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    New Restaurant Find: Piewang

    For dinner this evening, my friend, who knows some good spots in Busan, showed me to this cool homemade meat pie restaurant over in the Jeonpo area. Back home, I wouldn’t usually go for…

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    Cupcakes In Town

      Nadia’s cupcake is one of the cupcake restaurants in Busan for Western cupcakes. She’s the first “real” cupcake shop I was introduced to. Everything is handmade and tastes pretty darn good! You’ll find Red Velvet,…

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    Highlighted Restaurant: DonDon Jung

      Food. Yes. It makes me a rather happy. It brings forth a large smile upon my face. But it doesn’t happen with any kind of food. ONLY good, goooooooood food. DonDonJung in Busan (I…

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    Restaurant highlight: It’s all about the Sauce

    Hankkiyakki (translated directly as Grilled Meal) is a Japanese Barbecue in Kyunsongdae(경성대) Pukyongdae (부경대) area in Busan. They have other branches in Haeundae (해운대) in Busan and many others in Seoul. This restaurant has been…