Caught up in a fallacy


And the show commences – the show for one,
highlighting unwanted visions, things that can never be undone.
I orchestrate them all yet have no control over it,
they arise with power, in lonely times like this.
my fingertips try and reach them, rearranging the scene,
it changes nothing in reality no matter how hard I daydream.

I remember when You whispered things were going to change,
You looked down the timeline assuring there will be pain,
but You’ll be with me and You’ll never leave me exposed in the rain,
I knew this, but I felt overwhelmed and hid myself, running the opposite way.

I remember times when my day would start off with You,
but throughout the day I’d have this and that to do,
putting you at the bottom of the pile,
even as you sit before me, I almost did not recognise your smile.

your thoughts have been distracting you, speaking at you in a loud voice.
as far as you knew submitting to it was your only choice,
but what your mind portrays is a fragment of your complex imagination,
do you want – I offer you – to be free from your incarceration?

I close the windows and return downstairs,
peace drenches my soul in words I cannot bear
to find, because this experience is personal
labyrinth doors bolt shut, my thoughts become purposeful.

The bird sings her melody louder in my mind,
the shift in perspective made her easier to find.
I will not try and say the roars and rumbles have disappeared completely,
I think many thoughts; the inappropriate ones will not remain discreetly.

She returns to the make-shift office and sits absently,
“where have you been?” “caught up in a fallacy.”

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