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Nadia’s cupcake is one of the cupcake restaurants in Busan for Western cupcakes. She’s the first “real” cupcake shop I was introduced to. Everything is handmade and tastes pretty darn good!

You’ll find Red Velvet, Lemon, Blueberry, Mint Chocolate and Strawberry cupcakes.  There are other cupcakes that she makes, one being my favourite – Earl Grey cupcakes. Hmm! The average price for the cupcake is 4,300won (£2.90 or $3.60). The owner offers a coupon/voucher system where you have to collect ten stamps after purchasing something in the shop. After ten stamps, you’re entitled to a heavily discounted cupcake costing only (1,800won).

The cakes are pretty amazing! You can find this restaurant close by Gwangan station, exit 3 or 5. She offers hot and cold drinks as well.

There is wifi there and power outlets if you want to sit and study or work in Nadia’s.

After I was introduced to this cupcake shop, I bought all the teachers in my department cupcakes – as a welcome gift. The owner has gift boxes with eight slots for that exact purpose. I bought it way back in March 2016, so I don’t remember how much it came up to. She prepares everything with perfection. I’d definitely recommend checking it out it you fancy something sweet after dinner.

– –

Meanwhile near Jeonpo station (or you can walk from the Seoymeon area), resides another cupcake shop. I’ve only purchased from this shop once. I would definitely go back to this spot! Again, I was introduced to this place by a friend who has been here for a while. Another beautiful gem.

The cupcakes were about 3,500 won (about £2.40 or $3.50).

The quaint little shop made me curious to see what was baked there. I ordered a carrot cupcake and my friend got the lemon cupcake. It looked enticing. Only when I swirled around I noticed that the owner had actually studied at Le Cordon Bleu school. I knew those cupcakes would be splendid and of course I was right!


We actually got there just before closing time, so I’m not sure what other cupcakes is sold there. I’ll update this post as soon as I go back.


Anyway, check them out in you’re close by!

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