Does my afro intrigue you?



For so long I’ve straightened my hair, for so long – to the point that any curly strand of hair that came through, I’d cover it up. Now I wear my afro the way my hair grows from my roots – no straighteners, not even the hairdryer has blown its hot breath on my hair.

When I was in school, my hair was compared to a bunny rabbit’s tale. How would you like your hair compared to a horse’s tale? If you like horses that’d be a compliment – but rabbit’s end up on the roadside… dead, and I don’t really appreciate that, thanks.

What’s so intriguing about my afro that you have to stop and stare at me? Or point or laugh or make attempts to touch my hair?

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not angry I’m just fascinated at your fascination with my hair. Help me out, please comment below.

Does my afro (or any afro) intrigue you?

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