#Busandiaries: EntryONE


Sunrises and sea2016-03-11 06.31.43

As much as I tried to focus my phone’s camera on the background it only noticed the foreground. But you can see the glow of the sunrise right?

Where my apartment is situated allows me to witness some spectacular sunrises and even sunsets. You may be wondering why I’m even up at the crack of dawn and the answer is simple – my sleeping pattern is a mess! I’ve yet to get a full night’s sleep since moving into my apartment but I’ve learnt I’m not the only one. On my walk home from school, I can literally see the sea in the distance which is amazing! And now you know why this first entry of #busandiaries is named Sunrises and sea.’

2016-03-21 17.17.44

Can you see it in the faaaaaaar distance? My phone camera isn’t good for depth of field but it’s there. The deep blue amongst the sky blue.

This post is about what I’ve been up to since being in Korea for a month!

The teaching aspect

My school days are pretty straight forward. I teach seventeen regular classes throughout the week plus an after school class on Mondays. Each day is a learning curve for me.

About two weeks ago I asked some students what they want to learn in English. The feedback consisted of ‘British music, sports (football/basketball/baseball), comic books, fashion/cosmetics and movies.’ So I had some extra time and began constructing a PPT (it’s still not finished) using resources like YouTube and Pinterest. Last week, in class we had some extra time so I quickly ran through some football slides I had and some of the student’s reactions were mind blowing. They fully liked the fact that their teacher showed an interest in their interests and got a chance to display it. That was a cool moment for both myself and the students since they now know I listen and we can do something along the lines of “interesting.”

Again, about a week ago now, I told the students if they’re good and listen to the first half of class they get to listen to some Brit music in the second. They were mature enough to work hard as a class and they got their reward. I taught them four genres and they watched/listened to four different types of songs. I gave them a hand out & their task was to rate the song and then guess which song was fit the genre. In my mind, that part of the lesson was a shambles because the students looked bored or kept saying ‘teacher, next.’ But when I asked for feedback every student responded. Though we ran out of time, students seemed pretty happy their last class of the day was laid back and actually interesting (enough though some didn’t like my choice of British music – can’t please everyone aye?)

This first month has taught me lots of things but to summarise I can say teaching middle school is a challenge. Dealing emotions, beauty/appearance, exhaustion, hagwons (private after school academies), the list goes on, is not fun but when I’ve got some classes that are calm with their own personalities it does make up for those classes where they will not speak. Sigh.


The being away from home & being alone feeling

It does get to you from time to time. You live by yourself, you sometimes eat alone, and you have to have your own entertainment. But it isn’t all bad! I appreciate my own company sometimes so living alone is fine but occasionally I just want a buddy to be silly with, like it was in China. But hey! I’m in a new country now and I have an opportunity to learn how to really be independent.

I do think of home but I don’t think I can say I miss it. Friends and family of course. London has not been missed as yet – if anything it sends me the opposite direction. But of course I miss familiarity and being able to understand everything there. I’ve also found a local church where most attendees are from a different corner of the world which makes me feel more and more at home.

Maybe I’m still in my honeymoon stage so these elements of living abroad haven’t awakened yet. I’ll let you know if it does. Right now, I’m simply learning to embrace these feelings and chilling in this honeymoon phase.


The beach aspect

2016-03-05 20.38.26And finally the last part in this post – the beach aspect. As you must have gathered by now, I hate long posts!

Why did I choose Busan as my place of interest? It has a beach. Simple. I went to Phuket in Thailand and was like I need a beach in my life. Low and behold a year and a bit later, I’m blessed to be writing this post from Busan, South Korea.

I mean I have the best of both worlds; the chilled city life from the bustle, pollution, subways, 24hour McDonald’s delivery service, restaurants galore, karaoke places, universities and fashionistas to the beach life with seagulls, sand, strolls along the beach and a colourful bridge. I think I chose a good spot.

Nowadays, the temperature is warming so there’ll be more visits to the beach.

2016-02-28 14.38.25

As it stands, Busan is down as one of my favourite places globally.

Happy first month! 🙂

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