Exploring China part 3


Part three of ‘Exploring China.’ Clearly, I’m not very creative with titles – which I shall work on this year. Anyway, this is yet another section of exploring this giant land called China.

My flatmate and I went to a city called Hangzhou (‘zh’ is a ‘j’ sound – hangjoe) which is the capital of Zhejiang province – the province I live in. Though I’ve been here for 18 months, I never actually visited this city until last week. Slap on the wrist for being so lazy or simply passing this gem on the train only thinking about Shanghai.

Hangzhou is known for its natural scenery, the West Lake being the city’s most popular attraction; its silk, though it’s not exclusive to this area, it’s pretty easy to find shops which sells good quality silk scarves, clothing, sheets etc; Longjing tea (green tea) comes from the village Longjing near Hangzhou. Fresh tea leaves can be purchased from local shops.

My flatmate and I went to explore the West Lake. I had never been before and took the opportunity to go for the day. Here’s what I managed to capture!

_DSC0239 _DSC0240 _DSC0241 _DSC0248 _DSC0250 _DSC0254 _DSC0256 _DSC0257 _DSC0259 _DSC0266 _DSC0270 _DSC0271 _DSC0272 _DSC0274 _DSC0276 _DSC0283 _DSC0284 _DSC0285 _DSC0286 _DSC0288 _DSC0300 _DSC0302 _DSC0309 _DSC0314 _DSC0316 _DSC0318 _DSC0321 _DSC0323 _DSC0326 _DSC0328

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