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Exploring China part 2


This is part two of the exploring more of China: Exploring Sanya, Hainan. 

We returned to Shanghai where my dad remained for another day before leaving China and I had to go to work for half a day… The next day, after unpacking one suitcase, I repacked summery clothes and headed to Hangzhou airport with my flatmate where we headed south of China to an island called Hainan.


20150928_14533920150928_145253A restaurant in Hangzhou before we flew off the sunny island. 

Hainan is a popular tourist destination among the Chinese and Russians (you’d see translations in English as well as Russian). It’s an affordable and fairly short duration from most mainland cities and offers all what beach holiday makers are after – relaxation! I would have said sun, sea and sand but many Chinese tourists hid under umbrellas usually in fear of getting darker (which begs the question why they’d desire to go to a TROPICAL island but hey who am I to pass judgements?). As for my flatmate and I, we went for just those things – sun, sea, and… food. Yup, we ate a lot but we ate well!

20150928_192203One thing about being in China, people like to rush and get there first… In this situation, my flatmate, Joanne and I waited for the folks ahead to scramble on to sit in their allocated seats… 

Hainan sealed my holidays. It was hot, like 32 degrees hot most days (remember, I had recently returned from chilly England so this temperature was like being in an oven again). Though it was forecast to rain the entire week we were there, when it did rain in the evenings, it was still pleasant. There was a beach and crystal clear water behind our hostel. That was all I needed.

20150929_100007 20150929_101855 20150929_113611

We stayed in a hostel called SeeSeaInn which offered us this view. 20150929_115433 20150929_120206 20150929_142447 20150929_142503 20150929_181956 20150929_182258 20150929_182721 20150929_183228 20150930_165754

On this holiday, I must admit I was extremely lazy. Usually I would like to explore the area and go on excursions. We did go into town but we pretty much just ate and left the town. We didn’t want to be in a built up area – we were after the beach and we ended up chilling there for the remainder of the time…I suppose there’s only so many pictures you can take of the same area. So I’ll leave you with those!  20150930_170832 20150930_170837 20150930_170906 20150930_170933 20150930_171103 20150930_171228 20150930_171234 20150930_172431 20150930_172441 20150930_172544




I’ll keep you posted on any more of my journeys 🙂

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