Highlighted Restaurant: DonDon Jung




Yes. It makes me a rather happy. It brings forth a large smile upon my face. But it doesn’t happen with any kind of food. ONLY good, goooooooood food.

DonDonJung in Busan (I assume they’re around the country but I’m not certain) is a Japanese restaurant I was introduced to recently. I personally like Japanese food a lot. For now, this is how close I’ll get to Japanese food until I go there! The meal isn’t heavy and it hits the spot nicely.

The restaurant is fairly priced. The meal above was only 10,000won (about £7 or $10) perfect if you’re on a budget. The meal (pictured first on this post) where I’m grinning a beef meal which is about 14,000won (£9 or $14) and it comes with its own grill and marinade. ‘Twas delicious!

These photos are from Seomyeon branch. It gets pretty packed in there. I can understand why!

There’s the cool water pump that we found fascinating.

My friend’s meal. Salmon, rice (Salmon bonburi) and a handful of breaded seafood (Takoyaki).

Anyway, if you’re hungry or looking for something new to try, well you know…stumble into one to these restaurants.

My Korean is still in practise but I’m sure if you know Korean well then you may find this restaurant local to you. If not, Seomyeon and Pusan National University are waiting for your persual!


Usually outside, the restaurant has the wax meals just enticing you to go in.

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