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New Restaurant Find: Piewang


For dinner this evening, my friend, who knows some good spots in Busan, showed me to this cool homemade meat pie restaurant over in the Jeonpo area.

Back home, I wouldn’t usually go for pie and mash cause well.. it was always there! Personally, I had a desire for a good old portion of fish and chips… but this restaurant has awakened my taste buds!

The owner had lived in Australia and recreated some delicious pies! I totally forgot that the Aussies pretty much has the same cuisine as us Brits.

I went for a lentils, veggie and chips, and a ginger beer which came up to 16,000 won (£10 or $13). As a hungry being, that meal hit the spot. The chips were super good! Nice and chunky and well seasoned. The pie was gooooood. Everything tasted as if flavours were refreshing to taste again.

The owner offers desserts, salads, beer, ciders, squeezed juices and smoothies!

My friend got a steak pie with mushed peas and potatoes on top. Personally, I didn’t sample it but she finished that meal in a jiffy – satisfied.

The decor was nice and the music set a great atmosphere. I really like the setup and complemented the owner with the simple but effective design of her restaurant.

If you’re looking for a new restaurant to check out, venture over to this restaurant!

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