Post-Interview Feeling


Post-Interview Feeling

Now, this is a moment you’ve been waiting for and you’ve prepared (or not) and the interview has now finished.
After salutations and handshakes, you leave and your mind repeats everything that happened in the interview.
You laugh at one mistake here.
You laugh again at another mistake there.
You start to cringe when you think about it even more.

‘I could have done this better. I should have done that.’ Your mind echoes…
But you didn’t.

I write this just after an interview that I felt went terribly wrong.
In my head, I’ve already planned out how I’d answer the usual questions (why did you apply, what makes you a good candidate? etc.) but how it actually went down was a whole new story.

Nerves – that overpowering emotion that can simply take over your whole body because you’re simply trying to get your initial meeting with potential employers “perfect.”

The purpose of the post is simply to remind you as well as myself that if you’ve given all your best for the interview we’ve just got to leave it at that and not over think it. I’m one to over think things so this is a lot coming from me! But I write this second half of this post two weeks after this interview and I look back on it and think what was that fussing all about?

What if you’ve not even made it to this stage? I can only suggest to keep ploughing on. The analogy of the farmer planting seeds and then waiting for them to grow is perhaps the only image I could leave with you. For months on end the farmer wouldn’t see any result but suddenly he’d see the beginning of the crop budding. So keep planting seeds. Keep looking for work, keep applying, keep creating.

Just a bit of wisdom someone passed onto me: Many doors will close but one WILL open. Currently, some may just be shut or locked. Usually when one door opens, they all start opening at the same time.

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