Restaurant highlight: It’s all about the Sauce


Hankkiyakki (translated directly as Grilled Meal) is a Japanese Barbecue in Kyunsongdae(경성대) Pukyongdae (부경대) area in Busan. They have other branches in Haeundae (해운대) in Busan and many others in Seoul. This restaurant has been my favourite thus far in Busan. Let me tell you why.

When I first got to Korea I knew that being a non pork eater would again be a problem. I thought I shouldn’t give up too early on my search to find alternatives to pork barbecues in Korea. When I started exploring the local area for a non pork BBQ this place was the first restaurant that my friend and I found that only serves beef as its main meat. You get lettuce to wrap your beef in. It’s seasoned with a really nice dressing.

After meal one we knew we’d be back. The rice is like the foundation of this meal. It comes as shown in the picture packed ready for you to place your beef on top of the rice and munch away merrily. So this is kind of a grilled beef sushi restaurant.

One thing I’ve heard people complain about barbecue places is that you have to grill the food yourself. I personally think it’s better that way as I’m a picky eater anyway. Takes a little longer but it tastes delicious!

The grills are pretty small. The slices of beef is cut thinly so you can grill them according to your preference. I like well done beef but, each to there own right?

This is the reason we come back. The very reason which always makes me smile when I think of this restaurant. The sauce. Even if I knew what made the sauce so good, I wouldn’t even publish it online. It’s a sauce you’d have to explore for yourself by going there. It simply makes that meal worth it. Like slather it all ovee your rice. Dip the beef in it. You cannot get tired of it.

The owner knows us so well that he’ll top up our sauce pot when it reaches below a certain point automatically. Goes to show how often we go there.

Beef, rice, the sauce, oh and lettuce we’re looking at 16,000won (£12 or $16) per person. Sharing is how it’s done in Korea and makes the food go a long way too. Usually there is enough to be filled to the brim but it’s not a fullness where you cannot walk after. I can make room for dessert but that’s just me.

This restaurant gets busy during the evenings and over the weekends since its right near two universities. However, they also have a lunch menu which has some nice light meals on their menu for a good price too.

This post is called Restaurant Highlight simply because it has been a place we’ve been going to for months now but I never posted about it until recently.

Anyway, check it out if you’re in one of the areas!

That’s all for now!

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