Strolling through Kyoto


Kyoto is pretty close to Osaka and so with that in mind, we planned our trip to stay in the seventh biggest city for six nights. The good thing about Kyoto is that popular attractions are relatively close thus we wisely chose to walk everywhere even while it snowed. I would recommend going to Kyoto in the spring, summer or autumn just not the winter! All main attractions in Kyoto are outside and so going in the dead of winter is not really ideal for those who want to seek a little of the outdoorsy life. If you, like ourselves, had no choice because that’s the only time you can get off work, still visit the city and imagine what the gardens would look like in full bloom. Or simply, visit another city.

Kyoto has a very different vibe to Osaka; Osaka is the rhythm of the big city, lengthy avenues, lights, endless traffic…  Kyoto felt like a suburb because the pace was slower than Osaka and people had a laid back approach to the city.

The main shopping district that has a variety of shops and restaurants and where our hostel was. We stayed in the Centurion Cabin & Spa Kyoto which is in the hub of the city centre. Centurion Cabin hostel is on the Hostel World website but isn’t really a hostel it was a hotel setup. Hostels don’t provide clean towels, bathroom attire or daily toothbrushes which is something this accommodation did.

It has a dormitory styled residence and a spa/shower rooms in the basement. It was clean and a well styled type of accommodation however, I personally didn’t like the cabin style sleeping arrangements nor the showers being in the basement. I felt awkward getting in the elevator in the rental kimono. The cabins were also awkward because when you closed the door it was extremely stuffy and hot. If you opened the door, light and noise streamed in; a lose-lose situation really but it didn’t remove the relaxing experience of Kyoto.

Coco Curry House





Fushimi Inari Taisha

I would probably recommend Kyoto adventurers in the summer as I said before, there are more things to do outside with the all the temples and shrines. Necy and I stayed there for six nights but I think it was a little too long in the winter. It was freezing outside and both of us like warmth. Our incentives to leave the hostel was eating…and some exploring.


If I didn’t eat a lot in Osaka, Kyoto made up for it. The food IS delicious! I remember eating till I was full then walking for about an hour or so exploring, then eating again. Judge all you want my stomach was delighted. We had food from various restaurants around Kyoto.

We did lots of exploring as well. That’s it for now!

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