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    Exploring China part 2

    This is part two of the exploring more of China: Exploring Sanya, Hainan.  We returned to Shanghai where my dad remained for another day before leaving China and I had to go to work…

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    Exploring China part 1

    Of recent, I’ve had a little time to explore some more of China. Now, I’ve been living in China for over a year and it was only last month in September that I was…

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    The Return

    The UK and China – how far are they away from each other? Let’s say London and Shanghai to be more precise. Though thousands of miles separated, they have many similarities and of course…

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    Stages leading up to China

    Graduating from university with an English Literature degree and not meeting the graduate programme requirements my job options dwindled: I could stay in London and hope that I’d get a job in teaching as…

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    Skin complexions in China

    Being a black woman in China  Her skin complexion is noticed first before she opens her mouth. She is judged by her complexion first. She is experiencing colourism. She has experienced colourism. What is…

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    Kuala Lumpur trip

    Middle of the night and we travel  – at what felt like light speed – to the airport for an early short flight to Kuala Lumpur from Phuket international airport. We travelled pretty light…

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    Thailand trip part 1

    In January this year I visited Thailand for the first time and I must say I was pretty astounded. I only explored the island of Phuket but from what I saw for 7 nights…

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    Music musings #1

    The upcoming film Whitney directed by Angela Bassett. This cover of Whitney Houston’s I have Nothing by Jasmine Sullivan is nice. The original is usually the best, but Sullivan’s voice is completely overlooked by mainstream…