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  • Black History

    Black History Month Introduction

    So, it’s here. The month that is supposed to highlight the good, the bad and the ugly parts of black folks’ history regardless of where we’re from. Growing up in school I NEVER learnt…

  • Culture

    Define: Being British

    This is a question that I thought there was an easy answer. I remember when I first started to explore identity back in Sixth Form College as part of my graphic design project; I…

  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #3 – Christopher Gardner

    A reason to keep afloat: Homeless to millionaire   Gardner saw the lifestyle of the “richer somebody.” From then, he no longer wanted to be “anybody” but a “somebody” too. The stranger kindly told…

  • Culture

    Does my afro intrigue you?

    For so long I’ve straightened my hair, for so long – to the point that any curly strand of hair that came through, I’d cover it up. Now I wear my afro the way…

  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #1 – Whitney Houston

    If you ever visited my first blog – colour– you’d remember I did two monthly features – ‘Model of the Month’ and ‘On the Canvas.’ It came back to me when I was idle…

  • Black History


    The Oxford dictionary definition of APARTHEID NOUN [mass noun] historical (in South Africa) a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race. With the recent passing of Nelson Mandela, I thought…

  • Culture

    I have you know, I like my ‘fro

    I saw this photo on twitter via @BlkHistStudies which reminded me of an image of my 10 year old self and the ideas I had. Growing up in a predominately white neighbourhood I had…