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    Exploring China part 3

    Part three of ‘Exploring China.’ Clearly, I’m not very creative with titles – which I shall work on this year. Anyway, this is yet another section of exploring this giant land called China. My…

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    Exploring China part 2

    This is part two of the exploring more of China: Exploring Sanya, Hainan.  We returned to Shanghai where my dad remained for another day before leaving China and I had to go to work…

  • Culture Travel

    Exploring China part 1

    Of recent, I’ve had a little time to explore some more of China. Now, I’ve been living in China for over a year and it was only last month in September that I was…

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    The Return

    The UK and China – how far are they away from each other? Let’s say London and Shanghai to be more precise. Though thousands of miles separated, they have many similarities and of course…