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  • Christian

    Bible Focus: Caleb

    Be bold – Caleb Who was Caleb? Caleb’s story is found in Numbers 13-14 and Joshua 14-15. What has made him stand out? How can we relate to him? The story of Caleb is…

  • Christian

    Bible Focus: Hosea & Gomer

    Unconditional Love Hosea 1-3 NLT The first three chapters of the book of Hosea illustrates a deep kind of love, obedience and strength that supersedes anything that we could possibly imagine. Perhaps it’s because…

  • Christian

    Bible focus: Jonathan – loyalty

    Earning someone’s trust is perhaps the most rewarding part of a relationship – the part of a relationship that takes years to secure but once obtained, is usually nurtured carefully… Sadly though, ‘trust’ and…

  • Christian

    Bible Focus: Rahab

    Rahab Her story found in Joshua 2:1-24; 6:22-25 Rahab’s story came at a time when the Israelites were waiting to go into their Promised Land. Joshua didn’t want to charge into the city without…

  • Christian

    Currently, I’m training

    So I open the bible and flick to the topics department – already I see FUTURE  written boldly. I jump over to the scripture Genesis 41:39-40 Verse 39 – Then Pharaoh said to Joseph,…

  • Christian

    Dear Overthinker

    Dear Over-thinker,             My name is Bad-Memory, an easy double barrel name for you to remember. I will be your host from now on, don’t even think that you’ll get over or past me…