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  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #5 – Claudia Jones

    While finishing up with the Nella Larsen post, I wanted to see if there were any connections between the Harlem Renaissance in America and a British Afro-Caribbean cultural movement here (like carnival for example).…

  • Culture

    Define: Being British

    This is a question that I thought there was an easy answer. I remember when I first started to explore identity back in Sixth Form College as part of my graphic design project; I…

  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #3 – Christopher Gardner

    A reason to keep afloat: Homeless to millionaire   Gardner saw the lifestyle of the “richer somebody.” From then, he no longer wanted to be “anybody” but a “somebody” too. The stranger kindly told…

  • Culture

    Post-Interview Feeling

    Post-Interview Feeling Now, this is a moment you’ve been waiting for and you’ve prepared (or not) and the interview has now finished. After salutations and handshakes, you leave and your mind repeats everything that…

  • Christian

    Dear Overthinker

    Dear Over-thinker,             My name is Bad-Memory, an easy double barrel name for you to remember. I will be your host from now on, don’t even think that you’ll get over or past me…

  • Black History


    The Oxford dictionary definition of APARTHEID NOUN [mass noun] historical (in South Africa) a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race. With the recent passing of Nelson Mandela, I thought…

  • Culture

    I have you know, I like my ‘fro

    I saw this photo on twitter via @BlkHistStudies which reminded me of an image of my 10 year old self and the ideas I had. Growing up in a predominately white neighbourhood I had…