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  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #9

    Charlotte E. Ray Now most people, and I include myself in this generalisation, have never heard of this lady – Charlotte E. Ray. Who is she? Ray was born 13th January 1850 in New…

  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #8 – Jesse Owens

        “I let my feet spend as little time on the ground as possible. From the air, fast down, and from the ground, fast up”   James “Jesse” Owens may be still widely…

  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #6 – Ida B. Wells

    I came across Ida B. Wells while researching for my dissertation. Her impact in the late 19th and early 20th century made me stop and read her biography. Born 16th July 1862, Wells was…

  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #5 – Claudia Jones

    While finishing up with the Nella Larsen post, I wanted to see if there were any connections between the Harlem Renaissance in America and a British Afro-Caribbean cultural movement here (like carnival for example).…

  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #2 – Dorothy Dandridge

     This video features Dorothy Dandridge and the Nicholas Brothers “Chattanooga Choo Choo.” No guesses who is in this month’s spotlight feature? Dorothy Dandridge. As someone who appreciates performing arts, when I came across the…

  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #1 – Whitney Houston

    If you ever visited my first blog – colour– you’d remember I did two monthly features – ‘Model of the Month’ and ‘On the Canvas.’ It came back to me when I was idle…