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  • Black History

    Aboriginal Australians

    If we take a look at modern Australia be it through TV shows, films, newspaper articles, the list of media goes on we’d rarely glimpse any of the aboriginal people. Where are they? Mainly…

  • Black History

    Harlem Renaissance

    Around 1910s in Harlem, New York City became an area where many black immigrants settled from various parts of the country. Where they running from something? Yes and No.   The civil war had…

  • Black History

    The Berlin Conference 1884-5

    Again, I stumbled across this major historical moment in Europe. I say again, because many posts I’ve been posting recently, I’ve seen through Pinterest – just by chance or reading/hearing the name of something…

  • Christian

    Bible Focus: Hosea & Gomer

    Unconditional Love Hosea 1-3 NLT The first three chapters of the book of Hosea illustrates a deep kind of love, obedience and strength that supersedes anything that we could possibly imagine. Perhaps it’s because…

  • Christian

    Bible focus: Jonathan – loyalty

    Earning someone’s trust is perhaps the most rewarding part of a relationship – the part of a relationship that takes years to secure but once obtained, is usually nurtured carefully… Sadly though, ‘trust’ and…

  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #3 – Christopher Gardner

    A reason to keep afloat: Homeless to millionaire   Gardner saw the lifestyle of the “richer somebody.” From then, he no longer wanted to be “anybody” but a “somebody” too. The stranger kindly told…

  • Christian

    Dear Overthinker

    Dear Over-thinker,             My name is Bad-Memory, an easy double barrel name for you to remember. I will be your host from now on, don’t even think that you’ll get over or past me…