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    Strolling through Kyoto

    Kyoto is pretty close to Osaka and so with that in mind, we planned our trip to stay in the seventh biggest city for six nights. The good thing about Kyoto is that popular attractions are…

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    New Restaurant Find: Piewang

    For dinner this evening, my friend, who knows some good spots in Busan, showed me to this cool homemade meat pie restaurant over in the Jeonpo area. Back home, I wouldn’t usually go for…

  • Food

    Restaurant highlight: It’s all about the Sauce

    Hankkiyakki (translated directly as Grilled Meal) is a Japanese Barbecue in Kyunsongdae(경성대) Pukyongdae (부경대) area in Busan. They have other branches in Haeundae (해운대) in Busan and many others in Seoul. This restaurant has been…

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    #BusanDiaries EntryFOUR

    If I’m totally honest, I had hit another wall when it came to blogging. If you have been following my blog for a little while, you would know about this; I get a little…

  • Teaching

    Teaching in Elementary School part 5

    As part of the ‘Teaching In’ series, I asked a few people from different cities and levels of schools to share their view on what they’re experience is like teaching. Sheneice got back to…

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    #BusanDiaries EntryTWO

    Life seems to have flown by really fast. It’s the end of May and the days are getting hotter. So how have I been filling up my days and weeks? Since my last post…

  • Teaching

    Teaching in Middle School part 4

    I asked Jennifer, to share her experience teaching in South Korea so far. Jennifer has lived in Korea before, so I wanted to get some insight of a returnee.  So without further ado,  here is part…

  • Teaching

    Teaching in Middle School part 3

    I asked another friend, Chenice to share her experience teaching in South Korea so far. As a new teacher, her experience was one I really wanted to capture because both Puleng and I have had…

  • Teaching

    Teaching in Middle School part 2

    I asked my friend, Puleng to share her experience teaching in South Korea so far. You could say it’s too early in the day to ask perspectives, but I think when you get used…

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    Teaching In Middle School part 1

    I created a mini series called ‘Teaching in Middle School’ asking friends who are currently working in a middle school their thoughts on what it’s really like teaching here. I start off the series…

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    #Busandiaries: EntryONE

    Sunrises and sea As much as I tried to focus my phone’s camera on the background it only noticed the foreground. But you can see the glow of the sunrise right? Where my apartment…

  • Teaching

    Teaching resources for an ESL classroom

    Teaching resources for English as a second language (ESL) classes Recently, I’ve started teaching in Korea and it’s a pretty new experience for me even though I’ve taught before. The biggest class I taught…