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  • Christian

    Bible focus: Jonathan – loyalty

    Earning someone’s trust is perhaps the most rewarding part of a relationship – the part of a relationship that takes years to secure but once obtained, is usually nurtured carefully… Sadly though, ‘trust’ and…

  • Christian

    Bible Focus: Rahab

    Rahab Her story found in Joshua 2:1-24; 6:22-25 Rahab’s story came at a time when the Israelites were waiting to go into their Promised Land. Joshua didn’t want to charge into the city without…

  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #2 – Dorothy Dandridge

     This video features Dorothy Dandridge and the Nicholas Brothers “Chattanooga Choo Choo.” No guesses who is in this month’s spotlight feature? Dorothy Dandridge. As someone who appreciates performing arts, when I came across the…

  • Black History

    Lupita Nyong’o Speech on Black Beauty

    Lupita Nyong’o at Essence Black Women’s Luncheon Hollywood: Speech on Black Beauty Have a listen or read the transcript of Lupita’s speech: I wrote down this speech that I had no time to practice so…

  • Black History

    In the Spotlight #1 – Whitney Houston

    If you ever visited my first blog – colour– you’d remember I did two monthly features – ‘Model of the Month’ and ‘On the Canvas.’ It came back to me when I was idle…

  • Christian

    Dear Overthinker

    Dear Over-thinker,             My name is Bad-Memory, an easy double barrel name for you to remember. I will be your host from now on, don’t even think that you’ll get over or past me…